2010 Sunshine Kids SpokesKids
Each year a young cancer patient is selected to represent kids with cancer everywhere.
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Geoffrey Reyes   GEOFFREY REYES
2010 Sunshine Kids National SpokesKid
  Geoffrey’s first experience with the Sunshine Kids Foundation was on the 2009 Haunted Halloween Getaway in New Orleans, Louisiana. “I believe that the trip down south was the most gratifying experience I've ever had. The people I met who were apart of the organization were so kindhearted and welcoming; making every kid feel like they belong. This trip was the first time that I actually socialized with young people who have been through cancer like myself. I made a lot of friends and we all joked around and had such a great time together. We were all cancer patients, but being together in those precious moments made me forget about all the wrong in my life, it made me have a greater appreciation for the smaller things that we tend to forget. The trip down to New Orleans changed my life.”

“I believe what this Foundation does is so amazing. I specifically loved the fact that my neighboring American friends would be joking about how Canadians say eh, and how our Canadian bacon isn't really bacon. The Sunshine Kids helps show us that we are not alone in our life struggle and anything can be done with a smile on your face.”

Geoffrey was diagnosed with Chronic Myelogenous Leukemia in January 2009. Before he was diagnosed he was feeling very fatigued and had no appetite for a couple of months. Then the symptoms intensified, which included stomach pains. He went to a walk in clinic for the third time after being misdiagnosed and then was sent immediately to the hospital. He takes 6 pills a day that kills his white blood cells and red blood cells to control it. He spent over 2 months in the hospital before things started to get better.

“I found out I was going to be a Sunshine Kids National Spokeskid after a bad day of school. My mom informed me at the end of the day with a note full of excitement exclaiming the news. I was very ecstatic. I am very honored by representing this great organization.”

Geoffrey enjoys long walks on the beach, basketball, bowling, guitar, friends, and his family. He has two dreams in life; Finish school to become a teacher and meet Selena Gomez.

Geoffrey Reyes   KYLE STEPP
2010 Sunshine Kids National SpokesKid
  Kyle’s first Sunshine Kids experience was on the 2009 Summer Broadway Break held in New York City. “On my last round of chemotherapy, my Oncology nurse called me and asked me if I would like to go to New York with her and the Sunshine Kids. I just started going crazy I was so exited to go on the trip. The Trip to New York City was absolutely amazing, I did things I couldn’t ever imagine doing in my life time and made lifelong friendships!”

Diagnosed with Osteosarcoma on October 16, 2008, the beginning of his freshman year of high school, his treatment began at University of New Mexico Children’s Hospital and included 18 rounds of Chemotherapy, 6 Surgeries which included a limb salvage which was the removal of a tumor and the replacement of 4inchs of his femur, knee, and 8in of the tibia with stainless steal. After his surgery he found out that it had killed 97% of his tumor. Kyle is still receiving a type of chemotherapy once a week. “I never get down and out because I have a great positive attitude and two wonderful grandparents who take care of me.”

“When I found out I was one of the 2010 Sunshine Kids National Spokeskid, I was ecstatic.” “I had to peel him off the sealing, that’s how excited he was” said Marian (Kyle’s Grandmother). “This opportunity being one of the 2010 Spokeskids will fulfill a quote I wrote. “When you get Cancer you may think it is the end of the world but it’s not, it is the opportunity to change the world and the lives with in it.”

Kyle is currently a Sophomore at Del Norte High School in Albuquerque, New Mexico. Kyle is very involved with his school activities. He loves to play volleyball, baseball, drag racing, photography and hunting with his grandfather. Kyle is also currently an intern for Michael Sanchez, the New Mexico State Majority Leader. Upon graduation he hopes to attend the University of Texas to study Communications and Political Science.

2010 Sunshine Kids National SpokesKid
  Before my diagnosis in December 2008, I was very active in school and I was involved with many organizations and sports were my life. I played volleyball, basketball, and ran track. After my diagnosis I was not able to do any of those things, even attend school. Then The Sunshine Kids asked me to attend the Sunshine Kids Winter Games in Steamboat Springs, Colorado which was the most exciting part of my cancer journey. I had just finished chemo and was scheduled to start radiation, so the hard part of my treatment was over and I knew that it was time to start looking forward. I knew that my sick days were close to over. This trip was an invigorating trip. I met tons of new people all over the country that were just like me or had been where I was; we went skiing, tubing, and enjoyed the natural hot springs. Because I had not been able to interact with people besides my very close friends and had not been able to take part in strenuous activities, this trip was very exciting.

It is extremely important for people to know how important this organization is to us, and it is equally important for us to thank those that do make this organization possible. That is why I was so honored and excited to find out that I was asked to be the Spokeskid this year. I am looking forward to representing the Sunshine Kids as well as giving those who are still under treatment hope because I have been in remission for 7 months now and besides being a National Spokeskid, I am back to my regular life.


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