Each year, individuals, corporations, foundations and organizations with a passion for our mission host special fundraising events to benefit the Sunshine Kids Foundation. Third-party fundraisers are a great way to raise funds and awareness of our mission to provide positive group activities for children with cancer so they may once again do what Kids are meant to do…have fun and celebrate life!

A third-party fundraiser is any fundraising activity by a non-affiliated group or individual that plans and hosts their event to benefit the Sunshine Kids Foundation. It is planned and executed independently of the Foundation and the Foundation’s staff.

The time and effort that you put into your event will benefit children and families affected by cancer here at the Sunshine Kids Foundation. No matter how large or small, your contribution will help us bring new and exciting opportunities to more children in need.


1. Brainstorm for an event idea.

- Host a Golf Tournament
- Host a Gala
- Host a Fun Run
- Host a “Thon” Event (Bowl-a-Thon, Walk-a-Thon, Run-a-Thon, Bike-a-Thon, Dance-a-Thon, etc.)
- Create a Birthday, Wedding or Personal Celebration Fundraiser (donations in lieu of gifts)
- Car Washes
- Garage & Yard Sales
- Church or Community Shredding Events
- School Events: raise a certain amount to make your teacher/principal do something unusual
- Sporting Events and Tournaments
- Auctions: donated goods, art, handmade products, etc.

2. Set the date and location - Choose an event day, time and location that provides you with plenty of time to plan and promote your event properly.

3. Set fundraising goals and a budget - Remember, the lower your costs to produce the event, the higher your contribution will be.

4. Submit a Benefit Agreement Form to the Sunshine Kids Foundation. A completed Benefit Agreement should be submitted and approved by the Foundation prior to the event. Once approved, a Sunshine Kids staff member will contact you to review, provide guidance and address any issues to help you have a successful event.

5. Create a “Day of Event” agenda and checklist. An event timeline and checklist is extremely important to stay organized and assure your event stays on track.

6. Develop a publicity/promotion plan: Flyers, posters and other promotional materials will help generate awareness and excitement about your event. All promotional items and use of logo should be approved by the Sunshine Kids prior to being publicized.

7. Have the event! Good luck and remember to enjoy your event.

Once your event is concluded, proceeds should be submitted to the Sunshine Kids Foundation within 30 days. Don’t forget to send in plenty of photos for us to share on our social media pages. We also welcome you to deliver your proceeds/check in person so we can photograph and feature on our social media and/or Sunshine Kids newsletter.

To host your fundraiser for the Sunshine Kids Foundation, complete and send the Benefit Form to rita@sunshinekids.org .

If you have additional questions, please feel free to contact our Development team at 713-524-1264.